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Naturaleader Import Export, S.L., established in 1979, is a well-respected presence in the natural products market.

Our primary brand, NATURLIDER, is available globally. Taking advantage of the latest scientific research, we formulate high quality products designed to address various consumer needs.  We combine these formulas with the best ingredients available, allowing us to provide the consumer with high performance nutritional supplements andnutracosmetics.

Our products arrive to the end consumer through our typical sales channel: pharmacies and nutrition stores.  

We are seeking well-respected distributors and retailers to carry any of our Naturlider products. Naturlider has found success elsewhere in Europe, and because of that, we know we can succeed in your country.


We remain at your disposal either to clarify any doubt or for any further information in case you are interested in our services. Please contact us through the following channels:

Naturaleader Import Export, S.L.
Tel.: +34 915171822
Fax.: +34 902931373

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