Cookies policy


Via this document, Naturaleader IMPORT EXPORT S.L. Naturlíder sets forth its policy on the collection and processing of cookies, pursuant to article 22.2 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July 2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE).

Cookies are stored on your terminal (computer or mobile device) and collect information when you visit the website in order to improve usability and learn your browsing habits and needs to be able to adapt to them and to obtain information for statistical purposes. In the case of users who are already customers, the information collected with the cookies will also be used to identify them when they access the different tools the company makes available to them to manage services.

This Cookies policy will apply to users who voluntarily visit the company’s webpages, complete data collection forms, access the tools the company makes available to customers to manage their services or use any other service present on this website which entails communicating data to the company or when the company accesses the data to provide its services.

The company informs you of its webpages and the existence of cookies and provides you with this Policy to inform you about their use and purpose. By continuing to browse these pages you agree to this Policy.

Naturaleader IMPORT EXPORT S.L. Naturlíder uses the following types of cookies:

Classified by ownership:

  • Proprietary cookies: sent and managed directly by the company.
  • Third-party cookies: sent and managed anonymously by a third party unrelated to the company to perform statistical studies about what you browse on the company’s webpages.

Classified by purpose:

  • Technical and/or personalisation cookies: facilitate browsing by identifying the session, enabling access to tools with restricted access and customising the available settings options. They drive the service provision you previously requested.
  • Analysis and/or advertising cookies: make it possible to know the number of visits received by the different webpage sections, user habits and trends and therefore make it possible to enhance browsing and the service provided by the company (fundamentally, Google Analytics) and to manage the advertising spaces included on the website that you visit. Collect data anonymously with the aim of obtaining user browsing profiles.

Classified by duration:

  • Session cookies: collect and store data during the time you are on the webpage.
  • Persistent cookies: collect and store data in your terminal for a variable period of time in accordance with the purposes they were used for.



The main cookie for monitoring visitors. Contains: the domain name, utk, date and start time (first visit), last date and time (latest visit), current visit date and time (this visit) and session number (increments for each subsequent session)

(Expires: 2 years)


This cookie is used to control visitor identity. This cookie moves to HubSpot when the request is sent and is used when duplicate contacts are removed.

(Expires: 10 years)


Cookies to control sessions. This cookie is used to determine whether we should increase the session number and time marks on the _hstc cookie. Contains: the domain name, the visit count (increases each visit to the page in a session), session start time.

(Expires: (30 min)


Each time that HubSpot changes the session cookie the new one also needs configuring. We simply attach a “1” to it and use it to determine whether the user has restarted his/her browser. If this cookie doesn’t exist when we administer the cookies we assume it is a new session.

(Expires: No expiry. Session cookie)


The opt-inEn Inglés privacy policy uses this cookie to not have to ask the user to accept the cookies again. This cookie is configured when you give your users the alternative to choose not to accept cookies.

(Expires: 2 years)


This cookie is configured when you give your users the alternative to choose not to accept cookies. It disables monitoring and personalisation.

(Expires: 2 years)


This cookie is used to see whether the visitor has cookies enabled.

(Expires: Session cookie)


This cookie is used to monitor the number of visits to the page in a session.

(Expires: Session cookie)


This cookie is used to monitor a user’s first visit.

(Expires: 10 years)

The time that cookies will be kept depends on the type involved and will always be the minimum needed to comply with its purpose.

In any case you can configure your browser to disable or block the reception of all or any cookies. Not wanting to receive cookies will not stop you from being able to access information from the company’s websites but it may restrict the use of some services. If you consent to receiving cookies but later wish to withdraw your consent, you must delete the consents stored in your equipment using the different browser options.

See how to configure the different browsers to exercise the actions indicated above at: