Past and future

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Naturlíder is a Spanish company dedicated to the development and subsequent distribution of high-quality and high-perfomance food supplements. Thanks to our founders, Francisco Castañeda and Máxima Ruiz, we have been observing the possibilities of natural alternatives and offering product to improve people’s quality of live since 1979.

  • The roots of Naturlíder, a firm with a family tradition, date back to a small health food store in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), a pioneer in Castilla-La Mancha.
  • After avoiding having to go under the surgeon’s knife by drawing on the benefits of natural products, Francisco and Máxima developed a new life philosophy which consisted of helping society take care of itself naturally by fully harnessing all the progress of science.
  • Their dream officially bore fruit in 1979. That was the place and time when the story of Naturlíder began, after which the company shared its knowledge about the healthcare potential of natural alternatives.
  • Almost 40 years