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To  improve health, life expectancy and the social environment by harnessing all the progress of science and benefits afforded by nature.

Food and food supplements: what you take

A healthy, balanced diet is the first step to a healthy life.

Put all the good things your body needs on the table.

Your internal dialogue: what you feel

Wellbeing is a state of mind.

Fill yourself on ideas and a positive attitude from the moment you wake up every morning.

Physical exercise and body care: what you do

Physical and mental wellbeing improves when your body is in constant movement.

Social relations: what you share

Life is meant to be shared with people who are truly worth it. Surround yourself with people who make you feel alive, help you out and make you laugh.


To make our brand a health sector benchmark in Spain and around the world. We want to become the leeding provider of natural foods and services for the most important intermediaries in the country and to monitor the evolution of the consumers who generate 25% of our sales.


In our 35-plus year history, these are the values that have always led us at Naturlíder and which set the path to follow for the present and the future in each corporate area and with respect to customer relations:


Each decision taken at Naturlíder respects our professional code of ethics. From the start we have always felt that the way you do something matters more than just getting it done.


We remain by your side in your search for comprenhensive wellbeing, without procrastination. Our relationship should be based on mutual trust in order that you understand our true value.


We always offer the best products because we take people’s health very seriously. We constantly strive to deliver maximum quality, even beyond national and European regulations, e.g., by implementing a traceability control that is unique in the industry and via our ISO 9001 and 14001 quality certifications.


We work to make our environment more sustainable with the objective of living healthy in it. Keeping the environment in a good state is the first step in caring for people’s health. 

Putting the proven benefits of natural products within people’s reach is our raison d’être. By meeting these requirements we give tangible expression to our mission of making customers feel that comprehensive wellbeing has come into their lives.

Passion for excellence

Attaining excellence is our core purpose, the reason why we grow as an organisation. Tho that end we consider it necesary to enjoy our work and the satisfaction level of our customers. We provide a complete user experience, regardless of the environment in which it evolves.

We are respectful

We listen to the whole of the population equally and with attention, valuing their contributions. We respect people’s beliefs, values and dignity and acknowledge our differences as equals.

We are creative

We make the groundbreaking ideas that emerge in the company come true, adapting to technological transformation with a Naturlíder proprietary seal. We develop strategies and innovative actions that we transfer to our customers.

We are honest

We utilise available resources properly, communicating each of the company’s actions with truth and transference. We comply with the different rules and values that bind the organisation.

We are commited

Quality, continuity and coverage are three adjectives intrinsically associated with our service. That’s why we have always complied with the highest quality standards with respect to each of the services provided and will continue to do so.

With expertise

We satisfy our customers’ needs and personally and effectively look out for their interests as if they were our own.

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