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Naturlíder is a family company dedicated to the development and subsequent distribution of high-quality and high-performance food supplements. Thanks to our founders, Francisco Castañeda and Máxima Ruiz, we have been offering natural alternatives to improve people’s quality of life since 1979.

Originally a family firm, Naturlíder comprises a team of specialists with expert knowledge of the benefits of natural products for enhanced health, life expectancy and the social environment in which we live, under the leadership of Francisco Javier Castañeda Ruiz, Susana Castañeda Ruiz and Miguel Angel Castañeda Ruiz. You will find a part of the Naturlíder essence in each of our 100-plus natural products.

  • The highest possible efficacy levels in a natural product are sought for the Naturlíder brand, which is why we work with raw materials vouchsafed by clinical studies, standardised products guaranteeing a minimum concentration of patented active ingredients with proven safety and at the lowest dose to secure product efficacy. We always work to quality, safety and efficacy standards.
  • As a Grupo Castañeda firm, Naturlíder is committed to quality of life, sustainability and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Physical exercise and body care, mental capacity and a positive spirit, healthy social relations, and a balanced diet and food supplements are the four cornerstones on which we are founded.
  • Naturlíder has been retailing at the majority of health food stores and chemist shops since 2009, providing consumers with maximum quality, developing and improving on our products constantly to adapt to you and to market changes.
  • We hold the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and 14001 Environmental Management Systems international certificates.
  • We don’t just comply with the laws in force, we also have a code of ethics that we scrupulously respect. The adaptation of an Equality Plan has seen us win, for example, a distinction from the Madrid regional government.
  • For all those reasons, for everything that we are and want to be in the future, we invite you to get to know Naturlíder and become an active part of a unique philosophy towards the natural world in its entirety. You are always at the heart of what we do and we now want to reach out to you even more.
  • Because only together can we achieve comprehensive wellbeing across all areas of our lives.

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